The world joins the #LegislatePeace Campaign

Netherlands - Legal experts and CSO representatives gathered for the General Quarterly Meeting of the Legislate Peace Campaign at VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Belgium - Mr. Jean Bosco Kennedy NSHIMIRIMANA, President of the Association for Solidarity and Development, proceeded with peace education regarding the Sanctity of Life for the children at the Burundi Refugee Camp.

Myanmar - Students from La Wine Kyun Elementary School in the Ayeyawady region of Myanmar drew and painted their own pieces of peace.

China - Shanghai Maritime University students visited Tian Tang Village Elementary School, Lingxi Town in Yongshun Province to convey HWPL peace education activities.

Poland - Student from the US, Germany, and Spain shared about instances of conflict caused by ethnic division at the Youth Empowerment Workshop in Poronin, Poland.

Yemen - Many representatives from different sectors participated in the Legislate Peace Campaign to choose the utmost needed article of the DPCW within Yemen.

India - Gujarat Saurashtra University students of India learned about the significance of the DPCW and the need for its sustainable advocacy.

Russia - IPYG members in Krasnojarsk, Russia discussed future nuclear issues in regards to peace and the unification of the Korean peninsula.

Mongolia - IPYG members created mural paintings at the 93rd secondary school with a yearning for peace to be settled.

Fiji - Fiji Yat Sen Primary School students made a flower banner wishing for the flower of peace to blossom all around the world.