Hong Kong Children Learn the Value of Peace and
Humility Through the Peace Puppetry Workshop

On October 20th, the Peace Puppetry Workshop was hosted by St. Barnabas Society and Home in Hong Kong, where the conflict on freedom and human rights is becoming more intense. Twenty-nine people attended the event, including children, the founder of Koolamundo, and a University of Hong Kong graduate student, who was a project volunteer.

In a society where competition is becoming fiercer and ties are becoming weaker, the children, who are the future leaders of Hong Kong, learned about humanitarian values such as peace, love, communication, and humility through animal puppets. The children were able to learn the importance of diversity through hands-on experience, instead of theory-based desk work.

They also created different sentences using peace-related vocabulary such as, “the word ‘peace’ is like a friend who we can understand and love.” The children said that they learned how to understand and love each other through the values of peace and humility contained in the story.

Mengxia Gao, a University of Hong Kong graduate student who was in charge of the play, said she was impressed by the event and that it was a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about peace while playing. Kimberley Kleczka, the founder of Koolamundo, mentioned that “The play was meaningful since it helps to understand the moral instructions behind the story.”

Just like how the children learned about respecting diversity and peace through the Peace Puppetry Workshop, HWPL’s peace education aims to instill a value system focused around peace so students can have the correct understanding of peace and take the lead in spreading a culture of peace.