International Youth Peace Walk
Peace Walk 2013 and the Declaration of World Peace

Women and Youth Activism

IWPG and IPYG – The Two Wings of HWPL

The collective actions born from the voices of women and youth of the world have become the essence of power in HWPL’s role as the messenger of peace. The International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) and the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) cooperate with HWPL for the same goal - the achievement of world peace and cessation of war. These two groups are constructing a global network of individuals and organizations by opening branches throughout the world, and conducting peace projects.

Youth -
Leaders of Peacebuilding beyond Victims of War

Youth are forced to be scapegoats standing on the forefront of wars and sacrifice their lives, which can never be compensated. Facing this reality, the youth are required to work together for themselves to form a common voice of demanding protection of their fundamental rights and creating a world where a better standard of living can flourish. Every year, youth from around the world gather their voices through peace campaigns led by IPYG.
These campaigns are critical because they motivate world leaders to devise news plans and dedicate themselves to peace.

Women - Power of a Mother

Woman are also affected when wars break out as they bear the violence of war and lose their partners and children on the battlefields. The women's role for peace lie in the miracle of the immense power of a mother-like heart to protect their children. In IWPG, the SHE CAN project is one of the social activities to develop peace movements led by the mothers of the world. Based on the global network of women leaders, the actions for peace of IWPG include education, volunteering, campaigns and the leadership of young female adults, which have been true materials of peace.

Legislate Peace Campaign
Members of IPYG & IWPG drive forward the united efforts of the global community to stop wars and pursue the restoration of peace, mobilizing youth and women to strengthen their call for justice.

Recognizing that women and youth are uniquely and unreasonably affected by armed conflict, an active peace advocacy movement carried out by women and youth leaders is necessary to add value to measures that prevent conflict. Thus, women and youth, the new generation of the peace-building process in our global community, participate in HWPL’s projects including the Legislate Peace Campaign. This campaign supports a legislation of peace by educating global citizens about the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, collecting their signatures of support and assigning HWPL Peace Academies for peace education, which will lead the future generation in the spirit of peace. Their dedication to support for peace has inspired world leaders to take part in HWPL’s practical approach towards peace.