World Peace Tour

Since its foundation, HWPL has actively carried on world peace tours with its goal of achievement of global peace through participation of world leaders and citizens to facilitate peace activities at both local and international levels. Currently, members of the HWPL Peace Delegation with Chairman Lee have traveled around the world 24 times and gained advocacy of peace projects by HWPL. The formation of human network among global leaders to cooperate for peace in this world is seen as a unique, powerful approach to peace. Further, the path of peace by HWPL in areas of visit is introduced and reported by media to citizens.

HWPL Peace Monument / HWPL Day

HWPL’s creed – leaving peace as a legacy to future generations provides new impetus to global citizens to expand the work of peace at a local level with the spirit of peace presented by HWPL. Local governments around the world invest time and effort in building monuments to commemorate and appreciate the noble value of peace. Further, HWPL Day has also been established in order to support peace projects carried out by HWPL and seek cooperation from local citizens to take the role of peace advocate transcending barriers of gender, language, religion and nationality.

Outreach Activities

Local Community- A selfless life to service is a cornerstone solidifying a better world for us to live. Community-based volunteerism, including education, talent donation, disaster relief and fund-raising, medical aid, and cultural experiences, contributes to enhancing human quality of life and developing local society. The ultimate goal of outreach activities by HWPL is to leave a legacy of peace to future generations. Since the foundation, volunteerism to create a peaceful world has actively been engaged by HWPL headquarters in Korea and branches in many parts of the world.
Cultural Exchange - The power of culture has become magnified, in that it exerts great influence that brings about change in these contemporary days. Today different cultures come into contact and exchanges are actively promoted, which contains possibility of development into a world of peace based on mutual understanding and respect by global citizens through communication of cultures transcending region, nation, ethnicity and religion. In order to establish and encourage a culture of peace, HWPL makes an effort for global exchanges.
Humanitarian Assistance - The practical approaches to achievement of peace by HWPL include the fundamental rights that ensure and promote human rights, education and so on. When recognizing human suffering, damages of human condition in many parts of the world caused by natural disaster, conflict and poverty necessitate international assistance. Annually, HWPL spares no strenuous efforts in humanitarian assistance since its foundation – Romania in 2014, Nepal in 2015, and Ecuador in 2016.


HWPL delivers messages of peace movement in every corner of the world through HWPL Newsletter. Also, by HWPL World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Office Journal, discussions in interfaith dialogues in 100 countries on offering vision of peace by religious leaders are covered with detail. Many forms of publications including DVDs, HWPL peace memoirs (records by HWPL Chairman), leaflet, brochure and art books are in progress to send news of peace to every part of the world, even to the most remote regions.